Fort Bragg's Ultimate Termite Protection Guide

magnifying glass showing termites

Preparation will always help before it hurts. This is especially true when it comes to pests. The reason is that many insects and creatures are able to enter a Fort Bragg home or business without being noticed. Even if they procreate in mass, they can still quietly get by. It may be their size or behavioral patterns that assist them. You as a property owner may not be aware of what’s going on in your space until the unimaginable happens. This is often what occurs with termites. In America, $5 billion is spent each year trying to defeat and recuperate from termites. The insurance companies in the country hardly ever curb this cost. By doing a little reading, you’ll learn how to protect what’s yours from termites with Mendo Lake Termite Control.

How Do Termites Look & Behave? What Are the Hazards?

There are many species of termites, but one of the common traits among all is that they have three sectors in their colonies: workers, soldiers, and swarmers. The first two groups could be pegged “silent killers,” because they often remain behind foundations. They’re about the same size, but have different colors. Typical workers are white or grayish white. Soldiers are yellow brown, and have distinctive jaws and rectangular heads. Swarmers, on the other hand, have an alternate appearance altogether. The winged insects are black, yellow, or brown and ½ of an inch long. While the others shred wood, swarmers mate and jumpstart nests, generally in the spring. You might see them fluttering by a lamp or window. Since they can be spotted, they are a sign of infestation. Other warnings are:

  • Discovering discarded swarmer wings

  • Seeing mountains of fecal frass by termite holes, mud tubes, and maze patterns 

  • Knocking on walls and realizing they’re hollow

  • Hearing clicking and rustling from inside foundations

  • Noticing that paint is bubbling and peeling

  • Finding drywall that’s pale and dipping

  • Having loosening tiles and floorboards

  • Tense window frames and doors 

As you might imagine, bases and walls will become puny with termites around. It’s not far-fetched that they could disintegrate and tumble. The well-being of your loved ones, consumers, and staff is at stake. Also, your livelihood. You could be pushed to consider finding a new home or place of business. Allergic reactions may happen too, although disease won’t.

What Are Ways to Prevent Termites?

The key to keeping termites away is being adamant about building and yard maintenance. It could be tedious and tiresome, but you’ll ultimately be glad you made the effort. Taking the following actions can make a difference:

  • Dismantle or refurbish ruined or diminished wood 

  • Repair all leaks and moisture dysfunctions, but definitely those dampening wood 

  • Seal crevices around foundations, caulk, and utility lines

  • Vents that face the outside should have screens 

  • Frequently clean gutters and vents

  • Soil and loose wood, like fire logs, don’t need to touch 

  • Greenery and free wood should be placed two feet away from the property

  • Routinely trim grass and greenery

How Will Mendo Lake Termite Control Exterminate Termites?

As our name, Mendo Lake Termite Control, reveals, we concentrate on saving Fort Bragg homes and businesses from destructive termites. We have technicians who are specially trained to deal with these pests. They'll be able to efficiently locate nesting grounds, access points, and damage. At their disposal will be industrial-grade equipment and treatments, such as liquid termiticide, soil solutions, and fumigation systems. Transferable warranties are available, as are Wood Destroying Organism Reports. For more than 35 years, we’ve rescued properties from termite trouble, and we look forward to guarding you next. Shield your interests! Call us today at Mendo Lake Termite Control to get started with a consultation and inspection! You won’t regret it!