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All The Problems Rodents Can Cause On Your Fort Bragg Property

December 15, 2020 - Rodents

With busy lives and plenty of responsibility already, we tend to push pest control to the back burner, and that’s understandable. Now, this strategy might work out when it’s just a few flies buzzing around the house or the occasional house spider spinning webs in the basement. However, if rodents take an interest in your home and property, your house and your health will be in a lot more danger than you’d think. Fortunately, the Fort Bragg pest control experts at Mendo Lake Termite Control can solve all your rodent problems.

Mice And Rats Cause Health Hazards

While mice and rats may not be the largest rodents, they can be incredibly problematic on your property. Mice, measuring in at around three inches, not including the tail, are much smaller than rats, and these two rodents don’t necessarily get along all that well. That’s why you’ll rarely have a mouse problem and a rat problem at the same time, but either way, the danger is very real.

Both of these rodents love spending time in the areas of town that provide them with the easiest sources of food: dumpsters, landfills, sewers, etc. Highly dependent on human trash for food, mice and rats will often set their sights on your home if they are getting desperate for food or water. As they invade, they’ll bring in all of that bacteria from any of the contaminated areas they’ve been living in, putting you at risk for serious disease incursion. They’ll spread this bacteria to your frequently-touched surfaces, your meal preparation areas, and your furniture. Even their feces is highly toxic. Long story short, a rodent-filled home in Fort Bragg is not a healthy home. Mice and rats have been known to spread salmonella, E. coli, and other pathogens.

Rodents Can Cause Property Damage To Fort Bragg Homes

Along with dangerous diseases, mice and rats also bring another problem onto your property: their sharp teeth and incessant need to chew. Most rodents have very large incisors (front teeth) that need to be controlled and shaved down repeatedly. This gives them the urge to constantly chew on whatever is in front of them, including your cardboard boxes, stored holiday decorations, linens, laundry, electrical wiring, and even your walls.

Their ability to chew through all of these items not only allows them to cause tons of damage, but also helps them gain entry. Mice will use their small bodies to squeeze through any opening they’ve created with their teeth and are even able to squeeze through cracks under most doors. Rats, on the other hand, take a brainier approach. Searching your home for weaknesses like an open vent or a loose shingle, they’ll create their own openings or simply run through the garage door when you’re not looking.

Rodents Have Rapid Reproduction Rates

Since they are social pests, mice and rats will arrive in a small group in most cases. This small group, however, can be compounded by their prolific nature very quickly. With these rapid rates of reproduction, mice and rats will maintain a frustrating presence in your home even after you’ve set out traps or poison. Rats are typically too intelligent for these measures as it is, and mice, their smaller, less intelligent counterparts, can typically reproduce a lot faster than you can catch them. This means a small family of rats or mice can quickly multiply into a large rodent infestation.

The Best Way To Control Rodents In Fort Bragg

Think about it – there could be dangerous diseases and expensive damage on the line with any mouse or rat infestation. Why would you risk your health and home on ineffective DIY(do-it-yourself) methods that will just cost you more time, money, and headache in the long run? The wise choice is to enlist professional help for rodent control. The safest, most effective way to deal with rodent infestations is to call in the experts at Mendo Lake Termite Control. Give us a call today to get rid of mice and rats for good.

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