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The Trusted Termite & Pest Control Experts For The Mendocino Coast For Over 35 Years!

When pests come to invade your home, you want assurance that your pest problem will be taken care of efficiently and effectively. And when you partner with us, that's exactly what you get! Here at Mendo Lake Termite Control, we have 35+ years of experience solving pest problems for the Mendocino Coast and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a year-round pest control plan to provide ongoing pest protection or are looking for a one-time service to address a specific pest problem, we've got you covered!

Our Professional General Pest Control Services

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While keeping your property pest-free shouldn't be something that you have to put too much thought into, when pests invade, they can become a big headache for home and business owners alike! If this is something you're dealing with, let the team here at Mendo Lake Termite Control take that worry off your mind by implementing one of our general pest control plans for your home or business.

General Pest Control Plans (Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly)

At Mendo Lake Termite Control, we offer three scheduling options to meet your needs and budget: our monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly pest control plans.

These plans include treatment for a variety of common pests found in our area including ants, cockroaches, earwigs, sow bugs, mice, rats, and spiders.

Our general pest control plans include the following services:

  • We'll perform an interior treatment during our initial service visit

  • We'll perform an exterior treatment during each of our service visits.

  • As part of our exterior treatments, we'll perform exterior de-webbing services to knock down spider webs from the eaves of your home.

* In addition to our ongoing general pest control plans, some of our general pest control services can be performed on a one-time basis.

Our General Pest Control Process

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Initial Service Visit

Before setting up your treatment plan, we'll perform a consultation to determine the current pest pressures you're dealing with and the best way to get rid of them. There is a $75 fee for this consultation, but this fee is waived if you decide to set up a service plan with us.

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Ongoing Pest Control

Depending on which plan you choose, we’ll provide our services on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. Your initial service visit will include interior and exterior treatments, while your future visits will include exterior treatments, and interior treatments upon request.

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Service Guarantee

Here at Mendo Lake Termite Control, we guarantee our termite and pest control services. If your still dealing with a pest problem in between our regularly scheduled service visits, we’ll return to your home or business, at no cost to you! It's our service guarantee!

Our Additional Pest Control Services

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In addition to our general pest control plans, we also offer a variety of targeted services including rodent control, termite control, and wasp nest removal.

Professional Rodent Baiting & Trapping Services

Here at Mendo Lake Termite Control, we offer rodent baiting and trapping services to eliminate rodent infestations, focusing primarily on rodent trapping and identifying points of entry. Our rodent baiting and trapping services are available as a continual service.

*Please note: rodent services are not available as a one-time service and we do not perform rodent exclusion services.

Expert Wasp Nest Removal Services

If wasps have built a nest on or inside your home or business, give us a call to remove it safely and effectively. We offer this service as a one-time service.

*Please note: we do not remove wasp nests that have been built on trees.

Quality Termite Control Treatments

To effectively eliminate termites, all of our termite treatments are performed as one time services. We offer thorough termite inspections, liquid termiticide spot treatments, fumigation treatments, and preventative soil pre-treatments. To effectively eliminate the termites on your property and protect your home from future infestations, we offer a one year guarantee on re-infestation of locally treated areas and a 2-year warranty on fumigation treatments. For more information, check out our termite control page.

Your Best Choice For Quality Termite And Pest Control, Mendo Lake Termite Control!

If you’re in need of a general pest control plan to help keep your home or business pest-free all year round, look no further than us at Mendo Lake Termite Control! With our quality pest and termite control treatments, years of local expertise, and our team of friendly, expertly trained pest control technicians, you can count on us to get the job done right, guaranteed! To learn more about our general pest control services or to get started with one of our pest control plans today, contact us at Mendo Lake Termite Control!


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